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Calcite Media 8-16mm (5.5kg)
Calcite Media 8-16mm (5.5kg)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Calcite Media 8-16mm (5.5kg)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Calcite Media 8-16mm (5.5kg)

Calcite Media 8-16mm (5.5kg)

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Deltec USA Aquatic Calcite Media 8-16mm is a raw, naturally returning, biogenic, 99.8% pure calcium carbonate derived from marine aragonite. Its near chemical purity and size consistency make it the complete reactor media for all calcium reactors. Containing not only calcium and carbonates, but also essential trace elements such as strontium, magnesium, molybdenum and potassium. Due to its high solubility, CO2 consumption significantly reduces. Another advantage is the lack of nitrate, phosphates, and silica, which prevents diatom blooms in the aquarium.
5.5kg per bag.
Rinse the transport material in a bucket before use. Continue flushing the material until the overflowing water turns from milky to slightly cloudy / clear. + Follow the instructions supplied with your calcium reactor to add the correct amount of calcium reactor media for your reactor for optimal performance.
CRTT1500 – Aquarium size up to 400 gallons
Calcite Media Volume – 4 Liter – 5.5 kg (12.1lb)
CRTT3000 – Aquarium size up to 800 gallons
Calcite Media Volume – 10 Liter – 13.5 kg (29.7lb)
CRTT10000 – Aquarium size up to 2600 gallons
Calcite Media Volume – 30 Liter – 40 kg (88lb)

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