Glass T Splitter

Glass T splitter for Ozone use in protein skimmer.

Depending on the model of protein skimmer between 25mg/l and 50mg/l can be used per pump. Please consult the skimmers instruction manual for the specific level suitable for that model.

When using ozone a glass T piece will be needed to split the air feed going in to the pump. One side of the T will go to the silencer, as normal, and the other to the ozone unit. The air going in to the silencer can then be restricted slightly to ensure that air is being drawn through the ozonizer. If a glass T piece is not used, the ozonizer will restrict air going in to the skimmer, this will result in poor performance and may damage the pump. Further information on using ozone with a Deltec protein skimmer can be found in the products instruction manual.

Always take care when using ozone as it can be very harmful to both the aquarium and anyone within the same room. The ozone units instructions and dosage should always be followed and any precautions taken.

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