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About Deltec Germany

Deltec GmbH was founded over 30 years ago. Since then, products for marine aquariums have been continuously developed and improved. All products are subject to very high quality standards. Deltec is one of the pioneers in saltwater aquariums and has shaped and further developed the industry with many inventions. Most notably, Deltec was the first supplier of skimmers with a needle wheel. “Made in Germany” from the northern area near Bremen, Deltec protein skimmers, reactors, pumps, filters and other accessories are shipped all over the world. The experience and time-tested results of the thousands of partners, dealers and private customers are incorporated into the new development of many products. The public aquarium, commercial aquarium shops as well as coral farms also rely on Deltec products. In 2016 the largest reef aquarium in Germany, 240,000 l, was built in Karlsruhe utilizing Deltec skimmers. The long-standing family owned business was sold in June 2017 to a new entrepreneur. Together with a well-rehearsed team, the family business has transitioned into an even stronger brand with the highest quality products and renewed emphasis on customer service. Deltec GmbH proudly partnered with Deltec USA in 2019 to grow their US sales and service.

About Deltec USA

Deltec USA was started in 2019 as a strategic partnership with Deltec Germany (GmbH) for Deltec sales and distribution as well as warranty claims and customer service. As Deltec GmbH’s long-standing customer for custom reef aquarium installations, Deltec USA was a natural progression for representation of the Deltec brand in the USA.   Deltec USA is well-positioned to provide sales and customer service from its Fort Lauderdale, Florida location. With dozens of protein skimmers, calcium reactors, media reactors and kalkwasser stirrers in operation, Deltec USA can speak from experience and help you with all your Deltec needs. Live customer support and a large inventory of products rounds out our mission to provide the best possible Deltec experience.

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