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FAQs / Troubleshooting

CRTT - Twin Tech Calcium Reactor

How loud are the CRTT pumps? The CRTT has two pumps, the feed pump, and the recirculation pump, both of which are comparatively quiet.
With the low PH that this reactor runs at, what media do you recommend using that won’t turn to sludge?
We highly recommend using Rowalith w 9-15 mm media. Another great media is the Deltec USA Calcite Media.
How does the Night Mode Adapter work?
The night mode adapter plugs into an Apex controlled outlet. When the outlet is energized (night mode on) the waterflow pump will not cycle. If you run the night mode adapter from 11 PM to 6 AM, the unit will only recirculate and keep CO2 saturation during this time. No waterflow pump activation = no effluent out of the reactor. To compensate for this time off, you need to double your waterflow/24hr and degas amounts.
For example, if your waterflow/24hr is set to “20” liters per day, and the degas is “20” liters per day (as these two values should match) with the night mode on for 8-10 hours, you will need to set your waterflow at 40 liters per day and degas at 40 liters per day to get 20 liters per day output. This is because the CRTT smart controller divides the total water flow into 4 doses daily. With the night mode adapter, it will skip 2 doses.

The “CO2 Low” alarm on the controller is sounding but I have a full tank of CO2?
Troubleshooting step #1 - Hold the MODE button down for 10 seconds, check if the FEED PUMP is alarmed (it should be running). If not, the feed pump needs to be replaced.
Troubleshooting step #2 - Check the flow meter for debris or sand. Blow air through the flow meter, if it does NOT spin, the flow meter must be replaced.

What is the minimum daily effluent amount (lpd) for the CRTT1500?
Minimum 3 lpd of effluent. Maximum 350 lpd

Deltec Protein Skimmers

Difference between i (DC) and ix (AC) pump?
A DC pump gives you the option of variable speed control which mean you can now control how much water is entering your skimmer via the pump. An AC powered skimmer pump is either on 100% or off and the only way to control flow through the skimmer is by restricting the water leaving the skimmer through the output pipe.
The “i” is a DC motor (24V) and is much quieter and uses less energy than the “ix” which is an AC motor (110V).

Would the 1500 series (255-395) handle a heavily stocked 400-gallon SPS tank that size or would I need to go up a size?
The 1500 will be more than efficient for a 400 gallon system as ALL Deltec equipment is CONSERVATIVELY rated – We do not recommend sizing up as bigger equipment may not perform properly/efficiently.

Fleece Filter Rollers (VF Series)

What is the recommended water level for the VF Fleece Filter?
The water level in the fleece filter should sit around 1 inch above the viewing window. Photos below for reference.

Replacement Parts

Where can I find Replacement Parts for my Deltec unit? 
You can find replacement parts HERE for purchase. If you do not see the part you need, please feel free to CONTACT US so we can get you the part you need.