EZ2Go is part of a balanced two-part total dosing system for daily use. Together with EZ Buffer, all essential elements are provided to achieve a healthy reef aquarium. Stability is easily achieved with EZ2Go. Measure Alk, Calcium and Magnesium and top up those elements. If Calcium consumption increases, start dosing according to the recommended ratio and adjust the dosage gradually to the actual consumption. Check the salinity, macro and trace elements at regular
intervals and adjust if necessary. EZ2Go works perfectly with the full-DSR product line.
– It has been developed for aquarists who have difficulty maintaining stability by reducing the number of knobs to turn.
– It is easy to use. You start dosing when the Calcium consumption requires it. You do this initially on a 2: 1 ratio with EZ buffer / EZ2Go. After that, adjustments can be made based on measurements.
– EZ carbon, Carbon VS and Fe + can be safely combined with EZ2Go. Of course stay within the dosing conditions and build up slowly.