DSR - EZ Carbon

Instant nutrient control solution suitable for auto dosing units. Transparent bottle to keep track of the liquid level. Removes NO3 and PO4. Instant food for healthy bacteria population. The color can vary from yellowish to dark brown and has no influence on the effectiveness of the product.
Daily start dosing: 1ml / 100 liter (use dosing table on package)
About (DSR) Dutch Synthetic Reefing
Founded by Glenn Fong, the DSR method is a simple method of keeping a thriving reef aquarium without the need for water changes. By adding major and minor trace elements through the EZ DSR method, spectacular results can be achieved with less maintenance.
With the DSR Method it is possible to establish a stable and controlled reef environment. Its an all-in-one reef aquarium maintenance solution. The costs of running the DSR method are a fraction of reef salt needed for regular water changes. You learn to understand the way things work and you get more control of the biochemical processes in your reef aquarium.
The EZ-DSR program is an easy to use method with 4 instant dosing solutions. The EZ-Buffer, EZ Calcium and EZ Trace can be initiated at a fixed ratio of 5:1:0.5. The EZ-Carbon solution decreases PO4 and NO3 very efficiently and is dosed according to your phosphate and nitrate levels.
The 4 solutions are available in 500mL, 1000mL, 5000mL and 10000mL sizes. Due to the ratios of how the trace minerals are added, it is recommended to buy a larger size of EZ Buffer than the other additives.