Night Mode Adapter - CRTT Reactors

The night mode adapter plugs into an Apex controlled outlet.  When the outlet is energized (nigh mode on) the waterflow pump will not cycle.  If you run the night mode adapter from 11 PM to 6 AM, the unit will only recirculate and keep CO2 saturation during this time.  No waterflow pump activation so no effluent out of the reactor.  To compensate for this time off, you need to double your waterflow/24hr and degas amounts.
For example, if your waterflow/24hr is at 20 lpd, and your degas is 20 lpd (as these two values should match) with the night mode on for 8-10 hours, you will need to set your water flow at 40 lpd and degas at 40 lpd to get 20 lpd output.  This is because the CRTT smart controller divides the total water flow into 4 doses daily.  With the night mode adapter, it will skip 2 doses.

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